Automate and Control
your marketing

Optimize contract management in marketing, providing automation, flexability, and compliance so that your campaigns are quick and secure.

Optimize and streamline your

contractual management

Optimize and speed up your contract management.

Turn contract management into a competitive advantage

Accelerate the creation, review, and approval of your agreements with contract automation, keeping your marketing team ahead.

Other benefits for you

Marketing team

Other benefits for your marketing team

Automated Contracts
Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks through the automation of contract request, review, and approval.
Enhanced Collaboration
Facilitate collaboration between your team and suppliers, allowing real-time document review, commenting, and approval.
Repository with AI Search
Enable quick and easy access to contracts with influencers, agencies, and suppliers, through a specific smart search tool.

Efficiently manage contracts and keep your campaigns active

More than 100 companies already

trust us

More than 100 companies already trust us

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