All your documents,
centralized and secure
in one place

Organize, visualize, and monitor all your company's contracts in a centralized and secure repository, ensuring quick access to your legal documents and ensuring efficient tracking and control of contract execution.

Optimize the entire

life cycle of your contracts

Optimize the entire life cycle of your contracts

Traditional process

Risks of loss or deterioration of printed contracts
Vulnerability of access and control of sensitive information.
Disorganization and inefficiency in the search for documents.
Little or no visibility of key dates or milestones in your contracts.

Process with LexDoka

Cloud storage with the highest security standards.
Access control and visibility of contracts by permissions and roles.
Categorization and effective search of legal documents.
100% automatic reminder alerts and notifications.

Streamline your process

contractual with all parties involved

Streamline your contractual process with all parties

Cloud Storage

Store all your documents securely in the cloud, allowing quick and reliable access from anywhere, anytime. This functionality ensures that your data is protected from loss and accessible to authorized users.

Smart Semantic Search

Quickly find your documents through intelligent search, which uses and analyzes semantic contexts to locate files in seconds, improving work efficiency.

Advanced Categorization by Metadata

Optimize your processes with metadata points for efficient filtering and analysis. Using metadata and smart conditions, you will be able to apply advanced filters to find specific groups of contracts, export selected lists with a single click.
Maintain a detailed record of all actions taken during negotiations, including edits, comments, and approvals, to ensure transparency and traceability.
Allows inviting to review, comment, propose, and approve documents, facilitating effective and structured collaboration among all involved parties.
Include a voting system to approve or reject documents, recording each vote and decision for clear and organized management.
Provides access to external collaborators without the need for prior registration, streamlining the onboarding process and their participation in negotiations.

With LexDoka get visibility
complete and total control of your contracts

More than 100 companies already

trust us

More than 100 companies already trust us

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