Negotiation and Collaboration
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Our guided negotiation tool helps you reach agreements quickly, transparently, and with complete traceability for the benefit of all parties involved.

Optimize the entire cycle of

cycle of your contracts

Optimize the entire life cycle of your contracts

Traditional process

Having <b>documents scattered </b> across your computer, the cloud, email, and WhatsApp makes effective management difficult.
It is <b>impossible to keep track</b> of all the conversations, revisions, and approvals during negotiations.
Requesting data and documents from counterparts is slow, requires close attention, and is <b>prone to being forgotten.</b>
Having <b>multiple versions</b> of the same document and always doubting which is the latest version and whether it is up-to-date.
Reviewing the same document over and over again to ensure that no <b>unwanted changes </b> have been made.

Process with LexDoka

Collaborative negotiation on a centralized platform
Auditable record of all comments, change proposals, and decisions made among all parties
Request data with a click by sending custom forms with a record response rate
Unique voting system to reach a democratic agreement faster
Reduce errors and risks associated with lack of communication, improving the quality and accuracy of negotiations

Streamline your process

contractual with all parties involved

Streamline your contractual process with all parties

Complete Action History
Maintain a detailed record of all actions taken during negotiations, including edits, comments, and approvals, to ensure transparency and traceability.
Invitation to Collaborators
Allows inviting to review, comment, propose, and approve documents, facilitating effective and structured collaboration among all involved parties.
Voting and Recording System
Include a voting system to approve or reject documents, recording each vote and decision for clear and organized management.
Access Without Prior Registration
Provides access to external collaborators without the need for prior registration, streamlining the onboarding process and their participation in negotiations.

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More than 100 companies already trust us

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