Digital Signature
valid, fast, and secure

Streamline the document signing process in your company with our digital signature solution, or integrate your trusted provider to sign all your agreements with just one click.

Optimize and streamline your

contractual management

Optimize and speed up your contract management.

Leave paper behind:
Digitize your processes with electronic signatures and achieve faster and more secure agreement closures.

Fast, secure signature from anywhere

Sign documents quickly and securely from anywhere or any device with just one click, without additional setup or costs. Enjoy flexibility by choosing different signing methods, send automatic reminders to signers, and maintain your current workflows with easy integrations with external providers.

Integration with your trusted provider.


Sign with a single click. How does it work?

Start a new document: Upload your document or template to the platform

Draft, review, and approve

Prepare to send: Add a personalized message for your recipients and schedule the delivery

All parties will receive a link to access the document and complete the signature.

Receive your signed document: Once the process is concluded, all parties will receive the signed document in their email

It used to take me over 30 minutes to put together a 2 page contract. Now I have it in less than 2 minutes and without errors."
Andrea Manzur Bermejo – Legal Manager at Bcombinator

With LexDoka, drafting and reviewing contracts
only takes a few minutes

More than 100 companies already

trust us

More than 100 companies already trust us

Save time, manage your contracts with LexDoka

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