The platform that automates your contract management

We turn the entire contractual life cycle into an easy, agile and efficient task.

More than 100 companies already

trust LexDoka

More than 100 companies already trust us

We optimize the entire life

cycle of your contracts

We optimize the entire life cycle of your contracts

Automated contract generation

Simplify contract creation and save time with our automated document generation feature.

Create <b>customizable templates</b>

<b>Reduce the risk </b> of human error

Systematization and <b>standardization of the process</b>

<b>Automation</b> of repetitive and recurring tasks

Optimized negotiations

Our guided tool helps you reach agreements with speed, transparency and complete traceability for the benefit of all parties.

<b>History of all actions</b> taken during the negotiation

<b>Invite to review</b>, comment, propose and approve documents

Includes <b>voting system</b> and record of approvals and rejections

Allows access for collaborators <b>without prior registration</b>

Integrated electronic signature

Sign quickly, securely and from any place or device with a single click.

<b>No configurations</b> and no additional costs

Choose between <b>different signing methods</b>

<b>Send reminders</b> to signatories

<b>Integrations</b> with third-party providers


Centralize, view and supervise all your contracts in one place, guaranteeing agile access to your legal documents, and ensuring efficient monitoring and control of the execution of your contracts.

Cloud <b>storage</b>

<b>Smart search</b> for contracts in seconds

<b>Categorization</b> and effective search of documents.

<b>Alerts</b> and reminder notifications

Alerts and Renewals

Provides a clear view of the status of each contract, avoiding expirations and delays in contract renewal.

<b>Automatic notifications</b> about key dates

<b>Detailed record</b> of all renewals and related actions

<b>Export</b> of reports and data

<b>Smart assistant</b> to schedule and manage alerts efficiently

Analysis and Reporting

Optimize the analysis of your legal documents efficiently. Get advanced tools to extract valuable insights from your legal knowledge base.

<b>Semantic Searches</b> within the legal knowledge base

<b>Automated Reports</b> adapted to different needs and criteria

<b>Interactive charts</b> and dashboards

Extract and <b>analyze trends</b> from the legal knowledge base


Digitize your contractual processes and improve the efficiency of your team

Discover tailored solutions for contract management in each sector.

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