Speed and coordination in
Sales Management

Make the most of your salespeople's time by focusing on increasing sales and forgetting about paperwork. Set up automated templates and close deals with a single click.

Automate and speed up your

Commercial processes

Automate and speed up your commercial processes

Close sales faster with automated contracts

Automate the processes of request, review, and approval of your sales contracts, eliminating manual and repetitive tasks.

Other benefits for you

Sales Team

Other benefits for your sales team

Digital Signature
Offer your clients a secure experience and speed up the closing of deals by signing your contracts from any device and location.
Collaborative Platform
Keep your sales team aligned with the legal teams at all times with our collaborative tool.
Repository with AI Search
Gestiona y controla las renovaciones en una plataforma automatizada, usando al asistente inteligente, y gestionando recordatorios y notificaciones con facilidad.

Work on big business, forget about the hard work

More than 100 companies already

trust us

More than 100 companies already trust us

Save time, manage your contracts with LexDoka

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