Speed up the contract and Personnel Management

Optimize the management of the Human Resources department with LexDoka, facilitating the centralization of documents and internal collaboration.

Automate your process of

Hiring Process

Automate your hiring process

Increase the efficency of the HR Deartment

Automate the creation, review, and approval of hiring documents and internal policies, reducing the time and manual effort required.

Other benefits for you

HR Team

Other benefts for your HR team

Optimized Onboarding
Simplify the onboarding process for new employees by automating documents and electronic signatures.
Enhanced Collaboration
Facilitate collaboration between your team and other departments, allowing for real-time review and approval of documents.
Repository with AI Search
Centralize all employee documents on a secure platform, allowing quick and easy access for the HR team.

Simplify contracts, prioritize your staff

More than 100 companies already

trust us

More than 100 companies already trust us

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