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The changing advancements and trends in the real estate market underline the importance of improving efficiency in outcomes through resource and process optimization.

Customers currently expect the real estate process to be agile and straightforward, from start to finish, which can be achieved through contract management software that automates and simplifies traditional procedures.


The biggest challenge in today’s real estate industry is to secure the sale promises of properties to swiftly engage buyers and preferably in the earliest stages of a real estate project (‘off-plan sale’).

Another challenge is efficiently managing hundreds or thousands of lease contracts. Understanding the costs, performance, and occupancy being achieved is another matter.

Effective contract management solutions for the real estate sector can help draft accurate contracts. It can also help alleviate investors’ fears, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance sales and results.

Replace manual processes with automated digital technologies.

What does LexDoka solve?

Integrated document generation processes with electronic signature, speeding up signing times and accelerating the entire process.

We offer unlimited document storage with associated metadata, making it easy to recognize various relevant parameters of contracts, as well as notifying important milestones.

Use of templates and automatic document generation to ensure content accuracy. Ability to iterate on document generation, making it easier to reach the final document based on different versions.

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