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In today’s technological era, contract management must be digitized to meet the demands of the telecommunications industry. In a highly competitive environment, revenue growth and customer retention are fundamental challenges. The quality of service is crucial for maintaining customer loyalty and strategic alliances. This drives the need for agile and transparent relationships, in compliance with sector regulations, such as privacy regulations, to leverage them as a competitive advantage.

Digitization and automation of processes, including contractual ones, are key to accelerating, improving, and protecting business processes, customer service, and supplier relationships, while preventing errors and promoting regulatory compliance.


The increasing demands of customers, coupled with strong competition, have made it necessary to react quickly to contract generation and management processes.

A significant percentage of contracts, and therefore third-party investments/expenses, focus on services, which requires careful control throughout the contract lifecycle to maximize their value.

The huge need for manual administrative tasks (accounting, legal, documentation, and contractual) has increased expenses and the risk of errors. The above can only be solved through automation and digitalization, which are key in the contractual management of telecommunications companies.

Most large telecommunications companies have grown through acquisitions, leading to inefficiencies in the supply chain due to a decentralized supply base, inconsistent processes, and incompatible, disconnected tools.

Managing an expanding network of suppliers – with multiple currencies, different financial and performance terms, different tax laws, and numerous regulatory requirements – in a unified manner is a challenge.

In a technology-driven era, contract management must be digital.

What does LexDoka solve?

Increase contract profitability through improved quality, agility via automation, and enhanced compliance through control tools.

Promote quick responses in closing deals with business clients of different sizes and with strategic or high-value operational suppliers through the digitization and automation of contractual processes, both in generation and management.

Given LexDoka’s flexibility in adapting its contractual processes, it is possible to configure different types of contracts with clients, suppliers, and individuals, addressing the various regulatory needs of the sector.

Provides tools to capture key contract features throughout the contractual process, and leverage these categories to generate better accessibility, analytics, and reporting, thereby contributing to decision-making in business relationships.

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