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The global education industry is facing a new normalcy, where adaptation to new digital transformation strategies is crucial for long-term success. Today, educational institutions must continue to fulfill their important role of educating by leveraging new technologies to enhance the experience for students, staff and providers alike. In addition, increasing financial pressures and shrinking budgets are forcing educational institutions to improve their operational efficiency and reduce risks.


The lack of transparency in the management of contracts for teachers, students, and suppliers hampers efforts to improve performance and compliance, as well as to drive time savings and control costs.

Managing contracts and documents in processes such as enrollment, admissions, suppliers, and faculty is becoming increasingly complex. It is essential to seek ways to manage them efficiently and reduce costs, given their importance for institutions.

Having an accesible and user-friendly platform that facilitates collaborative management of documents from all areas, including processes such as enrollment, graduation, document review, and control, securely and efficiently ensures that information and records are up-to-date and comply with current regulations.

A single source of knowledge to optimize your institution's processes.

What does LexDoka solve?

Agile and efficient contract creation through pre-validated and uploaded templates. Eliminate manual intervention in the document creation process.

Centralization of contracts and documents, facilitating access and management.

Promotes control and compliance of contracts with professors, students, subcontractors, and suppliers. Visualize each stage of the contractual process with corresponding information and adequate tracking to ensure complete traceability in one place.

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