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Power of attorney revocation writing

What is a power of attorney revocation writing?

A power of attorney revocation writing is a legal document used to revoke or cancel a power of attorney previously given to someone. In this context, a power of attorney is a legal instrument that allows one person, known as the principal, to grant specific and limited powers to another person, known as the agent, to act on their behalf.

When to use this contract?

A power of attorney revocation is used when a person wants to cancel a power of attorney that they have given to another. This can occur in various circumstances, such as changes in the relationship between both parties, loss of trust, the need to appoint another person or simply because representation is no longer required. The revocation of the power of attorney is carried out by drafting a document that clearly indicates the cancellation and the corresponding agent is notified.

Essential content

A writing of revocation of power must include the following essential elements:

  • Header.
  • Identification information.
  • Date of granting of power.
  • Revocation statement.
  • Description of power.
  • Signature and date.
  • Notification to the agent.

Additional content

  • Witnesses or notarization.

Necessary information

Depending on the case, you may want to revoke a general power of attorney or a special power of attorney.

Applicable law

The applicable legislation (or ”applicable regulations”) of a writ of revocation of power, at a general level, is usually the Civil Code.

In the commercial field, in addition, the Commercial Code could also be applied.

The regulations regarding powers granted before a notary and the official verification of the signature are established in the Decree of June 2, 1944, which definitively approves the Regulations for the organization and regime of Notaries.

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