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Commercial partner agreement

What is a commercial partner commercial?

A commercial partner agreement is a contract between two trading partners in which they agree to carry out the obligations agreed between them. Being a legal business established within the commercial field, the objective of this type of contract usually revolves around the sale of products or services.

For example, a commercial partner agreement might specify actions each party must take to promote the other’s product or service.

When to use this contract?

As mentioned before, it is recommended to use this contract when looking for collaboration between people who are habitually dedicated to the commercial field. Within said core, it is a generic contract, which is why the object of the same is allowed to be freely described.

This contract can be used, for example, to establish obligations to do or not to do, as well as to set sales targets and agree commission plans.

Essential content

  • Identification of the parties.
  • Object of the contract.
  • Contract duration.
  • Obligations of the Commercial Partner.

Optional content

  • Shares of the Commercial Partner in exchange for Commission.
  • Additional considerations.

Applicable law

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