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What are minutes?

Minutes are legal documents that record and document the events, decisions, and agreements made during a meeting, assembly, board of directors, or other type of formal gathering. They are written by a secretary or designated person, and are intended to provide an official and complete record of what was discussed, decided, and agreed upon during the meeting.

When to use these documents?

Minutes should be used in various situations, especially in formal meetings where decisions are made, important issues are discussed, or organizational management is carried out.

Essential content

The minutes must include the following essential content:

  • Header.
  • Participants.
  • Approval of the previous minute.
  • Order of the day.
  • Decisions and agreements.
  • Responsibilities and assigned actions.
  • Dates and place of the next meeting.

Applicable law

The applicable law (or ”applicable regulations”) for the minutes usually varies depending on the subject in question and the context, but the most common is that, basically, it is in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and the Civil Code additionally.

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