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Trademark use license agreement

What is a trademark use license agreement?

A trademark license agreement is a legal agreement that allows a person or company to use another entity’s trademark in certain circumstances and under specified conditions. In this contract, the owner of the trademark (licensor) grants the right to use his trademark to a third party (licensee) in exchange for certain considerations, such as payment of royalties or fees.

When to use this contract?

El contrato de licencia de uso de marca se utiliza en situaciones en las que el propietario de una marca desea permitir que otra persona o empresa utilice su marca registrada. The trademark use license agreement is used in situations where a trademark owner wants to allow another person or company to use their trademark.

When not to use this document?

If you wish to transfer ownership of the brand, trade name or domain, you must use the Trademark and Trade Name Assignment Agreement.

Essential content

  • Information of the parties.
  • Type of license.
  • Price and method of payment.
  • Extension of the license agreement.
  • Start date and duration of the contract.
  • Purpose of the license.
  • Geographic scope.
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law.
  • Confidentiality clause and form of use of the license.

Applicable law

The applicable law (or ”regulation”) for this model is:

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