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What is the basis of collective agreements at the labor level?

What is the basis of collective agreements at the labor level?

The foundation of collective bargaining agreements at the labor level is obvious. Collective bargaining agreements in a company are agreements negotiated between the representatives of the workers and the employers that establish the working conditions and the rights and duties of both parties. A collective bargaining agreement covers a set of agreements and rules that are agreed between a group of workers, represented by a union or committee, and employers or companies. These agreements are established to regulate various aspects of labor and working conditions. This includes issues such as wages and benefits, working hours, breaks, vacations, safety and health regulations at work, promotions, dismissal processes and any other aspect that affects workers in their work environment.

The main objective of collective agreements is to regulate labor relations within the company, guaranteeing fair and equitable conditions for employees. They also seek to encourage dialogue and negotiation between workers and company management, promoting a harmonious and productive work environment. In case of conflict between the parties, it is usual to resort to what is established in the agreements, which can never be contrary to the law. If a collective agreement is contrary to the law, the legal provisions will prevail over what is agreed in the agreement. This means that the clauses or terms of the agreement that contradict the labor laws would not be valid or applicable.

When there is a contradiction between a collective agreement and labor laws in Spain, the legal provisions will take precedence and will be considered as the norm to follow. In other words, any provision in the agreement that violates the labor rights established in the legislation will be invalid and cannot be applied.

Workers can assert their rights under labor law even if a collective agreement attempts to modify or limit those rights in an unlawful manner. The labor authorities and the courts will be in charge of interpreting and properly applying the legal regulations in the event of a conflict between a collective agreement and labor laws.

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