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Work certificate

What is a work certificate?

A labor certificate is a document that certifies and confirms the employment relationship between a company and an employee.

When to use this contract?

This document is delivered when a worker requests that the company certify that they work, at the time of its writing, in said company.

This certificate may be required by the worker when needed in various situations, such as when changing jobs, applying for loans, processing visas, among others. It is an effective means of proof of the worker’s relationship with the company.

When not to use this contract?

In the event that the worker requests a certificate at the termination or suspension of his employment relationship to prove his legal situation of unemployment and the contributions made, at LexDoka we have the Company Certificate.

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How much does it cost to make this contract with LexDoka?

LexDoka has an automated contractual model that allows you to create this contract, negotiate it and sign it, minimizing the time invested in the entire process. This automated model is free within all LexDoka subscription plans. If you want to try it, you can register for free to generate your first contract.

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