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Shareholders agreement

A shareholders agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a startup. It allows you to have clear rules and steps to follow in case of any unexpected situation.

The shareholders agreement prevents surprises.

Protect yourself and your partners
Define the rules with total flexibility
Resolve conflicts
Ensure privacy and confidentiality

Remember! 8/10 Startups that start without a shareholders agreement end up closing due to problems between partners. From intellectual theft and broken commitments, to opposing thoughts… We are not saying that it will happen to you, but we do recommend that you protect yourself and your partners for the sake of your project.

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Cap Table

The cap table shows the ownership structure of a company, detailing the distribution of shares among partners.

It is important to visualize it and have it on hand because it provides key information on corporate control, the valuation of the company and the possible implications in terms of dilution and financing.

Improve transparency with your shareholders
Update the cap table instantly
Make strategic decisions based on data
Comply with regulations and avoid risks
Shareholders agreement in one click without mistakes

Failure to comply with accounting and legal regulations may result in legal and tax conflicts. It is crucial to have a solution that simplifies and automates cap table management to avoid these drawbacks.


With LexDoka, each party can handle their part of the negotiation directly on the platform. Without tensions and 50 times faster.

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Digital Signature

Manage the digital signature directly from LexDoka, quickly and easily.

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The bylaws of a limited company (S.L.) are the set of norms and rules that establish the internal functioning, the organization and the rights and obligations of the shareholders of the company.

A shareholders’ agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a company that establishes additional rules and conditions to those provided in the bylaws, addressing key aspects such as decision-making, rights and obligations, distribution of benefits and resolution of internal conflicts.

Employment contracts are legal agreements between an employer and an employee that set out the terms and conditions of employment, including pay, hours, responsibilities, and employment rights.

An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a legal contract between two or more parties that establishes the confidentiality of information shared between them and protects trade secrets or confidential information from unauthorized disclosure.

Convertible notes are financial instruments that combine debt and equity features, allowing investors to lend money to a company and then convert that loan into equity in the future, usually in a later financing round.

Phantom shares are a form of financial incentive where employees receive compensation based on increased company value without actually owning shares, providing shareholder-like benefits.

A commercial proposal is a document that presents an offer of products or services to a potential client, detailing the benefits, prices and conditions of the offer with the aim of persuading the client to accept it and establish a commercial relationship.

A service provision contract is a legal agreement between a service provider and a client, in which the conditions, obligations and terms of the provision of services are established, including remuneration, terms, responsibilities and rights of both parties.

A non-compete agreement is a contract in which a person agrees not to compete with another party in a certain geographic area or industry for a specified period of time, in order to protect commercial interests and prevent unfair competition.

An influencer contract is a legal agreement between a company or brand and an influencer in which the conditions and commitments related to the promotion of products or services on social networks are established, including compensation, scope of collaboration and rights of use of content.

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