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Image rights assignment contract

What is an image rights assignment contract?

An image rights assignment contract is an agreement in which a natural person (”assignor”) grants permission to another natural or legal person (”assignee”) to use their image, photograph, or any visual representation of him or herself. This applies in situations such as photoshoots, recordings or public appearances.

When to use this contract?

The image rights assignment contract must be used in various situations, such as advertising projects, audiovisual productions, public events, modeling and photography. These contracts guarantee that the rights of the person whose image is used are respected, at the same time that they establish the limits and conditions for its use, providing legal certainty to both parties involved.

Essential content

This model has the following essential content:

  • Identification of the parties.
  • Object of the contract, for what uses and for how long they are assigned.
  • Assignment limits.
  • Means in which the assignment will take place.
  • Economic compensation to the assignor.

Necessary information

There are certain restrictions that apply to the contract for the transfer of image rights. For example, the use of image rights is not permitted in situations where a person occupies a public position and the image capture takes place in a public place, or when our image is of a secondary nature to graphic information (for example, if there has been an accident and it is being reported and we appear in images of what happened as passersby). In addition, the contract must clearly specify the permitted uses of the image, the limits of the transfer and the conditions that apply.

Applicable law

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