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Full dedication clause

What is a full dedication clause?

A full-time clause is a type of agreement that can be established between a company and a worker, whereby the worker agrees to provide his services exclusively for that company, renouncing the possibility of carrying out other professional activities on his own or for others. The worker receives, in exchange, an economic compensation that is paid as a salary supplement.

Essential content

Its objective is to protect the interests of the company and avoid unfair competition from the worker. It also aims to encourage the commitment, permanence and performance of the worker in the company. However, this clause also limits the worker’s right to free choice of profession or trade.

Therefore, it must meet a series of requirements to be valid and effective:

  • It must be stated in writing in the employment contract or in an attached document.
  • It must be expressly remunerated with a proportional amount.
  • You must respect the temporal and geographical limits established by law for post-contractual non-competition agreements.
  • It must allow the worker to terminate the agreement by notifying the company at least 30 days in advance, which would mean the loss of financial compensation.

Optional content

The clause may also contain provisions on advance notice in case the party wishes to engage in other engagements and how this notice should be approved or handled.

In which contracts is it usually applied?

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