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Industry lease contract

What is an industry lease contract?

An industry lease contract is a legal agreement between two parties, in which the landlord (owner) grants the lessee (tenant) the right to use a commercial or industrial premises to carry out a specific business.

In this type of contract, the lessee not only rents the physical space, but also the right to use the elements that make that particular business work, such as customers, machinery, equipment, intellectual property rights, among others. In other words, an entire “industry” is being leased, including both the premises and the assets associated with the business itself.

When to use this contract?

The industrial lease is used when you want to rent a commercial or industrial space to establish, transfer, renew or expand a business. It provides a legal framework to regulate the conditions and terms of the lease between the owner and the tenant.

When not to use this contract?

In the event that what you want is to lease personal property (such as a bicycle), the best option will be to use the personal property lease.

If what is desired is the execution of a work (such as the construction of a house), then it will be appropriate to use the work lease contract.

In the event that it is desired to provide a physical space for a businessman or merchant to carry out his professional activity, it will be more appropriate to use the business premises rental contract.

Essential content

  • Identification of the parties.
  • Description of the property and industry.
  • Amount and method of payment.
  • Contract duration.
  • Obligations of the parties.
  • Works and repairs.
  • Preferential acquisition clause.
  • Purchase option.
  • Sublease or assignment clause.
  • Clause for the introduction of a guarantor or guarantor.
  • Clause of elevation to public deed.
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law clause.

Optional content

  • Inventory of furniture that the owner can leave and the tenant can use.

Applicable law

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