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Public deed

What is public deed?

The public deed is a legal and public document that is granted and drawn up by a notary.

This document provides authenticity and legal validity to the acts and agreements it contains. It is used for the notary to say that what you have done or said is true and that no one can deceive you or take away what is yours, as well as for other people to know what you have done or said, and so that you can ask the judge for help if someone does not comply with what they have signed.

Therefore, it is a forceful means of proof and has executive force, which means that its content is presumed true and can have immediate legal effects. When drawn up and signed before a notary, it guarantees that the parties involved have fully consented and understood the content of the document, and that all the legal requirements necessary for its validity have been met. This gives efficacy erga omnes.

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