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Customer Reference Agreement

What is a customer reference agreement?

A customer reference agreement is a formal agreement between two companies in which one company (the referring company) agrees to provide references or positive testimonials about the products or services of the other company (the referring company).

When to use this contract?

A customer reference agreement is used in a variety of situations where a business wants to stand out and leverage positive customer experiences to promote its products or services.

When not to use this contract?

In the event that one of the parties is a specialist dedicated exclusively to the search for clients as a seller, the signing of a commercial commission contract could be more convenient.

On the other hand, if it is intended to agree on the provision of any type of service other than that established, it will be necessary to draw up the corresponding contract for the provision of services.

Finally, if the parties have the sole purpose of regulating the negotiation for the signing of a future agreement or contract, they may agree to draw up a letter of intent.

Essential content

  • Information of the parties.
  • Reference conditions.
  • Price or commission
  • Duty of information of the parties.
  • Term of duration of the contract.
  • Period of information to customers.
  • Specific data to be provided about each client.
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law.

Optional content

Applicable law

This document is not specifically regulated by any Spanish law, therefore, the principle of autonomy of the will of the parties will prevail as established in article 1255 of the Civil Code. In addition, it is essential that this agreement complies with the general legislation on contractual matters contained in the Civil Code, especially with regard to the validity of contracts (articles 1261 to 1277).

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