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Receipt of delivery of goods and/or services

What is a delivery receipt for goods and/or services?

A goods and/or services delivery receipt is a document used as official proof that a good or service has been delivered to a specific customer or recipient.

It is written evidence of the transaction made between the provider (or issuer) and the customer (or receiver) of the good or service. It serves, therefore, as a guarantee and proof.

When to use this contract?

This contract is a document used to confirm that:

  • A good has been delivered to a customer
  • A service has been provided to a customer.

When not to use this contract?

This type of receipt is used in a certain type of context. If the preparation of a receipt is needed for a context other than the delivery of goods and/or services, then it is pertinent to have the generic receipt that we have at LexDoka.

Essential content

  • Identification of the parties
  • Quantity and complete description of the goods or services delivered or rendered
  • The dates of the order, delivery, payment and signature

Optional content

  • The total price
  • The form of payment
  • Additional information

Additional information

Unlike the invoice, the receipt is not a mandatory document. What is the difference between a receipt and an invoice?

Applicable law

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How much does it cost to make this contract with LexDoka?

LexDoka has an automated contractual model that allows you to create this contract, negotiate it and sign it, minimizing the time invested in the entire process. This automated model is free within all LexDoka subscription plans. If you want to try it, you can register for free to generate your first contract.


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