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Commercial commission contract

What is a commercial commission contract?

A commercial commission contract is an agreement in which a person (commission agent) undertakes to promote or sell products or services on behalf of another person or company (principal). The commission agent acts as an intermediary and carries out commercial activities on behalf of the principal, but without assuming ownership of the goods. In exchange for their services, the commission agent receives a previously agreed commission or remuneration. It is a mandate.

When to use this contract?

A commercial commission contract is used in various commercial situations where the intermediation of a person or entity is required for the promotion or sale of products or services.

It is used when a seller or company wants another entity to act on its behalf to promote and sell its products, or when a commercial agent is hired to represent and promote a company in a specific territory or market. It is also used in product distribution, consignment of goods, and marketing activities.

When not to use this contract?

This document should be used in the event that someone is being sought to promote or sell products and services. In case you are looking for someone to carry out any other type of legal business on behalf of a company, at LexDoka we have an agency contract.

Essential content

The essential content of the commercial commission contract is as follows:

Necessary information

In this type of contract, the commission agent has the duty to act with diligence and loyalty towards the principal, promoting and selling the products or services according to the instructions received, all this by virtue of the mandate condition that characterizes this contract. The principal, for his part, is responsible for providing the goods and conditions necessary to carry out the commission.

Applicable law

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How much does it cost to make this contract with LexDoka?

Currently, we do not have an automated model for this contract. However, if you are interested, please let us know through this contact form, and we will take it into account to develop it and notify you when it is available. If you need it urgently, LexDoka offers a personalized contract automation service where we will work together with you to see what your needs are and develop it exclusively for you in the shortest possible time. If you are interested contact us.

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